domingo, dezembro 28, 2008

Lullabies and Cradle Songs from the Motherland

Finding this CD in the middle of millions of CDs at Cascais Shopping (a shopping mall near Cascais which I rarely visit) was a mere coincidence... or ARE there really coincidences in Life?... So I bought the last ones left to offer during Christmas (kept one for myself) and would also have bought the other CD of the series («African Lullaby») if available.
«A collection of emotional and moving songs from all over Africa, some familiar and some refreshingly new, performed by the most prestigious African musicians. Lyrics in various languages, lifting and comforting. Music using tradidional instruments, this recording will warm the hearts of every child and everyone who was ever a child...»
Will be posting during the next weeks the lyrics of the songs and their translation into English Language as taken from this CD's beautiful booklet.

quinta-feira, dezembro 25, 2008

Season's Greetings!!!

segunda-feira, dezembro 22, 2008

sábado, dezembro 13, 2008